March 8, 2009

Marty & Elayne @ The Dresden

I was visiting Ve1cro this weekend in Los Angeles and she introduced me to her neighborhood music scene. After spending a day touring Hollywood, I was ready to relax and soak in the local vibe of Los Feliz. You may know Mary & Elayne from Swingers, but they were treating customers to their sultry tunes long before Vince Vaughn made it big.

Much like Doctor Diggs at the Canyon Club, I don't remember much of the set list. I also have no idea how long I was there -- this was a direct result of having two Belgian beers before dinner, sake and Sapporo with my sushi, and rounding out the evening with two bourbons on the rocks. However, I do know that Marty opened with Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me," and rocked the evening with their special renditions of "Staying Alive," "La Vida Loca," and Elayne's original composition, "Nilesology." (I also have a video of that one with Ve1cro's middle finger dancing to the beat.)

If you ever have a chance to stop by, prepare yourself for the two drink minimum, and get ready to be blown away by the blast from the past.


Mona said...

Oh my god, that's hysterical! Did you stop by Starbucks afterwards and ask for an application? lol

Brasilliant said...

No way dudette, I have an agent!

Mona said...

I so have to stop by this place when I'm in LA next week. Hope it's as much fun as when you went!