February 24, 2009

NoFX & The Expendables @ The Canyon Club

We boarded the limo bus with a bucket full of beer and booze around 7ish in front of Velvet Jones. 23 brave souls on their way to witness veteran punkers NoFX do their thing at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. I had found out a week prior while in Santa Cruz that fellow SC Locs, The Expendables, would be the second opener, so that increased the size of my boner for this show exponentially. After many years of loving NoFX's signature brand of raunchy, political, and drug/alcohol-fueled music, this was my first chance to see them live.

Having acquired a healthy buzz on the ride down, the first thing to do when we got there was hit the bar. Not long after that, The Expendables began their set. While rockin out to "Down, Down, Down", the second song of the set, long time buddy Cam (former member of The Expendables) found me in the crowd and slapped a backstage pass on me. Ho. Lee. Shit.

While backstage drinking free beer and shootin the shit with some cool folks I completely miss The Expendables set. Oops! Drank more free beer. Went to the merch table and bought an Expendables tee shirt. Drank more. Went backstage again where I almost run into Fat Mike of NoFX as he is being directed to the stage, so I just follow him up.

I end up standing directly behind the drum kit for the entire show with a shit eating grin and, of course, FREE BEER!!! Needless to say, I don't really remember what they played, or for how long, but I know I left with that same smile.

Now, I know what you are thinking, "This is the worst show review ever." And that very well may be. But I had a great fuckin time and I highly recommend checking out NoFX and/or The Expendables whenever you get the chance. Who knows, maybe you will end up backstage drinking free beer.

(Adding pics later)


Nightrain said...


Doctor Diggs said...

it was awesome...the pics are on my phone and i have to find my cord to connect it to the computer, or see if Nicole's laptop has bluetooth. Either way should be handled tonite.

Mona said...

I dare ask, "Were you Punk in Drublic?" :)

ps- did they play "Whatever Didi Wants" ?? I kinda love that song.

Doctor Diggs said...

still bogging on pics...my bad...as far as what NoFX songs were played, I really dont remember. I have a couple phone videoed, "Seein Double at the Triple Rock" is one...I was certainly Punk in Drublic, and also the vice versa...woo!