January 10, 2009

Sad Day For Puppets - Unknown Colors (2008)

The album opens with a ringing guitar and sweet and smokey female vocals. The songs are catchy, classic and well, Swedish, a country more known for the quality of their pop and ability to fill songs with hooks than their innovation. Albums like this make a strong argument that innovation takes a back seat to craft.

The songs remind me of the glory days of Brit pop and revisit the better qualities of 90's shoe gaze and indie pop, but do it so well that the songs feels fresh, if not essential. Anna Eklund's pretty voice, with it's flat and hushed delivery, barely rides above the waves of guitar. The obvious connections are to the Concretes, Catatonia, Saint Etienne, and Echobelly. Which, come to think of it, would be make a wonderfully nostalgic mix. Someone should get on that. "Cherry Blossom", "Shiny Teeth And Sharpened Claws", and ""Romans" are my favorites.


ve1cro said...

I hate being predictable but I am really enjoying this album. I'll let you know what the kids at work think about it too.

awmercy said...

Sweet. Nothing to be ashamed about. When I first heard it, I knew you'd like it.

In fact, you should post a 12 song playlist of your favorite female fronted Brit pop spongs. Limiting it to 12 will be the challenge.

ve1cro said...

Seriouly dude, don't tell me what to do.