January 28, 2009

Arms - Kids Aflame (2008)

After hearing and loving Technicolor Health, I decided I need to go back and listen to the Arms' album Kids Aflame. I could no longer hold it against Todd Goldstein, the guitarist from Harlem Shakes, that his side project band released an album first. It no longer had to sound like the Harlem Shakes, and it doesn't. It sounds more like M. Ward. It's still indie rock, just more laid back and diverse. Songs mix in the occasional country guitar, island ukulele, and old-timey vocal. His warm croon, like on the title track, reminds me a bit of Leon Redbone. The album may not immediately knock you out, but "Whirring", with its cool guitar riff, and "Shitty Little Disco", with its New Order beat and lazy vocals, are definitely worth a spin or two.