November 6, 2008

David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will...

So it's not hot off the presses but I am forever on the late freight so whatevs.. David Byrne has always been a hero of mine and I've celebrated Brian Eno's music and production for days. Since I judge books by covers I was excited about this album immediately due to Stefan Sagmeister's awesome album artwork.

Musically this album felt like an old friend. Sometimes the best reaction to an album is when you can put it on and go about doing what you were doing and then be surprised when the album ends. To me that means "wow this album is already so comforting that I can space out to it"..

I am a huge fan of the Talking Heads movie and soundtrack "True Stories" and keep being reminded of that when I listen to this record. There is a good chunk of electronic to this album but it isn't over bearing like I feared it might be. I guess they wrote it by e-mailing things back and forth to one another.. I think the IT dude at my work would be super bummed if I started e-mailing huge music files at work so I guess there goes my music career.

Do yourself a favor and if nothing else listen to the song "Strange Overtones".. it is simply amazing and you can get it free here. Also listen to "Life Is Long".. Music you can believe in. Real talk!


awmercy said...

I think even the non-hardcore David Byrne and Brian Eno fans will like this album. It seems very accessible. It makes me want to check out some of the albums that David Byrne has put out since the Talking Heads that I have ignored. Any recommendations?