October 8, 2008

Bear Hands - Golden EP (2007)

Another promising "bear" band rises out of Brooklyn's indie rock scene (Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear)... this time it's Bear Hands with their 4-track Golden EP. They've generated quite a bit of buzz in the NYC indie scene and their EP is a perfect teaser for what is hopefully to come once their full-length debut drops. I'm not sure how long that will take considering they don't even have an official website yet! I researched these guys when I learned they were opening for the upcoming Les Savy Fav show I have tickets for and was pleasantly surprised. I hardly roll up to a show these days just to hear an opening act, so it's a welcome change to find one worth getting to the venue early for-- especially since they don't suck.

Lead singer
Dylan Rau sings with a rawness that is reminiscent of Craig Nicholls of The Vines (whatever happened to them? They were good...), particularly on my favorite track "Long Lean Queen." With a polished garage rock sound, their music flirts with post punk and indie rock, while managing a hybrid of alternative rock with a smidge of 90's emo. I attribute the latter to angular guitar riffs and the occasional dash of sadcore, especially on "Golden." But emo-haters can relax. There's still a bit of punchy guitar and vocals on "Sickly Brunette" for those who prefer something that wails. And "Bad Blood" is Modest Mouse-y at best, in its disjointed guitar and chaotic yet melodic vocals... but in a good way.