September 15, 2008

Ben Arthur - Mouthfeel (2008)

After a four year hiatus from his 2004 (and one of my favorite albums), Edible Darling, I was excited to potentially add ten new songs to my Ben Arthur music playlist. When I heard the first song on Mouthfeel I thought ahh, he's back. Pairing up with Rachel Yamagata and DJ Big Wiz, there's an interesting mix of his "classic" stuff with some new sounds.

I don't want to say I was disappointed with the album, but when listening to it in the car I was bummed that there were a few songs that struck me as booor-ing. I think it would be fair to say that I'd definitely add six of the ten songs to my top list and see if the remaining four grow on me a little more.

With that said, I absolutely love three songs on the album: "Tattoo" (the first song), which sounds a lot like my favorites from Edible Darling; "Last Goodbye" which harks back to the glory days of Blink 182 (Ve1cro I'm sure he wrote this one for you); and "Beautiful Day in LA."


ve1cro said...

Mrs. Brasilliant, "Last Goodbye" cracks me up. The lyrics come straight from the heart and remind me of my youth (circa 2006). This has been the longest week ever but this song has helped me through it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words...hope some of the other songs grew on you :)