August 6, 2008

The Streets - "The Escapist"

Do we do singles? well anyhoo..

Mike Skinner has this ability to create songs and albums where consistently upon first listen I think I don't like them. For this reason I always approach each Streets offering with some trepidation.. I'd mainly only heard talk about the long walking video that was being made for this song and hadn't really read much else about what the Streets were up to. When I saw that you can download this song for free it seemed like a worthwhile investment.

True to my word upon first listen I thought it was weird. However listens number 2-10 have been great. If this song is an indication of how the new album will sound I'm stoked..

Here's the aforementioned long walking video.


awmercy said...

I generally like his singles, especially the song "Fit But You Know It" off A Grand Don't Come for Free.

Mona said...

Interesting video. I've often wondered why I'm always draw to music videos that show people either walking, or running... Coldplay "Yellow," Snow Patrol "Run," PJ Harvey "Good Fortune," to Pete Yorn "For Nancy." So good! But maybe it's just me.