August 24, 2008

The Spinto Band - Moonwink (2008)

The Spinto Band is back! I loved Nice and Nicely Done, so I was excited to see this come out. However, I think I was expecting to be disappointed because it took a few listens for me to realize that this was exactly what I wanted. Like a slightly less ADD Apollo Sunshine, the Spinto Band writes pop songs that are packed with ideas. Fans of minimalist or mopey pop beware: time changes, decades of pop styles, oohs, ahhs, la la las, and plenty of instruments are all crammed into songs to the point where they practically explode. For all the mid-song shifts, the tone rarely changes - it's all pop at it's most infectious, upbeat, playful, and catchy. However, with so many little hooks, there rarely is enough space for the big hook, which are the ones I usually get stuck in my head, the ones that make the single really stand out. I really like "Vivian Don't" and "Summer Grof". I'm still not sure if they hit the highs of "Oh, Mandy", but they come close.


awmercy said...

The Apollo Sunshine ADD comment was based on their first album, Katonah and not their newest, Shall Noise Upon, which is a lot mellower.

Brasilliant said...

Awmercy forgot to mention how long I searched for this CD in the used bins of just about every city we visited for the past 2 years. When I found it in Portland two weeks ago, I shed a tear of happiness. Oh, and I actually like the music too. Bonus!

awmercy said...

Ha ha. So true. You did log some serious browsing time looking for the Spinto Band. But that was their previous album. Now you have a new Spinto Band album to look for! YEAH!