July 1, 2008

Nuts' Five Sock Rocking Musical Experiences of '08

5. Finding a Compilation of Billie Holiday and Lester Young in the $2 dollar bin at Streetlights.

4. Having an intense juke box face off with this killer heavy set middle-aged black lady and her boyfriend at my local watering hole, and having it end in a dance flurry to Bill Wither’s “Harlem” while a super hot chick danced on the bar, and the place was so hopin that the bartender walked around with a bottle of Jameson and poured free shots all around the bar.

3. Going to see a friend’s band play an AA sponsored party at a dive bar where they only served Rockstars, no alcohol, totally new experience/crowd/degree of awesomeness.

2. Last Friday’s start of Jazz in the park on Santana Row, my favorite event here in San Jose besides the Indy Race cars.

1. Getting two bottles of Gentleman Jack from my nightclub alcohol distributor in exchange for the dance mix I had made for the bar/dance floor atmosphere.

Five Standout Singles…

1. “Move On Up” Lettuce feat Dwele.
My number one band that I must see live in an outdoor setting before the summer is over.

2. “Everyday is Sunday” The Slackers
Always will remind me of summer 2008.

3. “The Step and Walk” The Duke Spirit
The first two songs of their new album Neptune has been crucial to my latest pre party, get stoked routine.

4. “Falling” Gaelle
Not a 2008 original, but a golden discovery in an R&B/Soul obsession that I experienced for a few weeks in 08’.

5. “My Problems” Jinnrail
There are a few answers to questions that have always eluded me such as, why do farts in the shower smell way worse than regular farts? Why are there no traditional Indian or Chinese breakfast foods? Did a whole continent miss out on the most important meal of the day? And the last is why do I love songs about drugs and doin it so much? I guess I will never know.


Thecranewife said...

Actually, they do have traditional breakfast foodstuffs, but the food is usually not as sweet (pancakes) or spicy (breakfast burritos) as we are used to. Usually based around rice, at least in China, I think.

....Totally rad list by the way!

sandenuts said...

I would like to beleive you, but how come Chinese and Indian food places are never open for breakfast? In all my years I have never seen one open before noon, true story..

Thecranewife said...

Maybe because your average American breakfast goer is not aware/into the whole Asian breakfast thing? Also, I found a review on this blog, if you ever feel like a trip to San Mateo:


My guess is that it's probably totally worth it.

Nightrain said...

Since when did this become a food critics blog... Chinese food for breakfast? Seriously!

Mona said...

BTW, take it from a South-Asian. There are "traditional breakfast foods," but are worth steering clear from. You might wanna stick to Honey Nut Cheerios and leave the chicken tikka masala and naan for 2pm onwards haha :)

sandenuts said...

So I take it everyone agrees that their farts in the shower smell worse than their normal ones?

Nightrain said...

Dude, there is an obvious reason for that... No Filter.

When you fart out of the shower, you are typically wearing clothes, often two layers over the ass region. This filters your fart, essentially holding onto some of the essence of your potency. In the shower, however, you are neeked, thus having no filter to subdue the smell.

It's not magic, it's science.

Thecranewife said...

Wait, you shower naked? Thaaat's what I've been doing wrong!

Brasilliant said...

I concur with Nightrain's filter theory, but have to say, I think the stink is amplified by steam. The tiny water droplets meld with the fart cloud and float right up into your nose.

Although stinky, farts in the shower sound waaaay radder than in your pants.

Thecranewife said...

Many years ago I heard a radio dj say that "bjork" sounds like farting in a bathtub. Still makes me laugh.