July 2, 2008

awmercy's Summer Short List

  1. Les Savy Fav Concert @ The Black Cat
    Renewed my faith that punk rock could be exciting, interesting, and fun.

  2. The Blondes "Teenage Foxes"
    Classic, catchy (and creepy?) power pop with the sweet line: "I would like to meet teenage foxes/The kind that like blow pops/See me on the street/Looking spicy." Looking spicy?

  3. Jay Reatard
    Everything I've heard from this guy is awesome; I can't wait to listen to his new singles collection.

  4. Amoeba Records
    After living in DC (apparently the land of tiny record stores) for six years, every visit to Amoeba is a highly anticipated pilgrimage. Last time, I sacrificed precious moments at my brother's graduation to hunt down a $2 bargain bin copy of the Boggs' Forts.

  5. Nudity
    So far it's been a good year for nudity in music! My favorites so far include the Throw Me The Statue album art, Tim Harrington's onstage costume changes (see #1), and the BPA's "Toe Jam" video (see below), which gave me a new appreciation for censorship. The enormity of all that skin is enough to induce some awesome indie rock inspired interpretive dancing.



Thecranewife said...

Sweet list! As for your #1, I will certainly check them out. That's kind of a big deal.

awmercy said...

I really like their most recent album, Let's Stay Friends, and would recommend that, but try and check out one of their shows. They really are amazing.

Thecranewife said...

Aaaaaand holy sh*t, that video is brilliant and hilarious.

awmercy said...


HotCatato said...

LOVE Jay Reatard!

Nightrain said...

"Looking spicy?" For serious?

I really don't understand your surprise or confusion by this line, for it is certainly one of my favorite and most often used descriptive phrases of the fetching opposite sex.

"Spicy" may be the new "Sexy;" however, I understand, because us younger generations are more adept to the creative use of adjectives.

Mona said...

Per Les Savy @ The Black Cat I gotta ask.. what's your fav indie rock venue in DC? Black Cat? 9:30 club? etc...

I hear Thievery Corp. owns a venue down there (name?)... is it cool? Or eh.

awmercy said...

I don't think you can beat the 9:30 Club on a packed night. It just feels like the right size for a concert. However, if it's a small turnout, it can feel pretty empty. The Black Cat books great bands, but I've never been a fan of the low ceiling.

The guys from Theivery are involved in at least two places, 18th Street Lounge and Marvin. ESL is very cool. I haven't been to Marvin, but I've heard good things.