February 4, 2008

Throw Me The Statue - Moonbeams (2008)

The summery album art seems like a good fit for the happy and lo-fi indie pop. The casually sung vocals and cheesy Casio keyboard background beats might deter some people, but they compliment each other nicely. They sound a little bit like the Magnetic Fields and Jens Lekman.


Nightrain said...

These guys are really awesome... very summery jammy jam, as Larson would say.

"About To Walk" is my front-runner. I really like the way the line "I was just about to walk five miles in a day" is sung for some reason. I put this one up on my muxtape... http://nightrain.muxtape.com/

Nightrain said...

So, songs on this album keep jumping out and grabbing me.

Most recently, "Take It Or Leave It." I think your "casually sung vocals" comment is spot on, and that aspect is certainly one of their distinctively attractive attributes.

The specific lyric that I'm digging right now is: “Now I sit here graceless, and watch the coffee cup regret that I poured this.”