June 23, 2008

Sloan - Parallel Play (2008)

Sloan consistently pumps out good to great power pop that even non-genre fans can enjoy. However, this album practically defines the term "front loaded". The first half of this album is great, the second half is just fine, although even their misses are pleasant. "Believe" kicks things off a catchy and fuzzy riff. "Cheap Champagne" brings in a warmer sound and a handful of "ba ba da ups". I think they're better with they rock out, like on "Emergency 911", which reminds me of the Dirtbombs' soulful garage rock. After the awesome "Witches Wand", which is either about a relationship or a roll playing video game or both, things mellow out and the songs pass without distinction until "I'm Not A Kid Anymore" comes on towards the end.


Mona said...

I love "Witches Wand" too. These guys are kinda cute... for Canadians ;)

BTW- I love the new quickcrit graphic. I just picked up on the "Music Reviews" i-tunes thingy just now. Did you make it?

awmercy said...

Thanks. Yeah, I put it together with a little help from Brasilliant. It was one of a couple ideas we had kicking around. I think it turned out well.

Anonymous said...

more War Machine!