June 14, 2008

R. Kelly - Double Up (2007)

In honor of R. Kelly Freedom day, aka Friday June 13 2008. I'd like to review his most recent album, Double Up.

For what it is, which is an album by an insane person, Double Up is awesome. This album marked his ascension to a whole new playing field as he continues to chronicle and find inspiration in his own insanity - and the life it lends itself to.

Lyrically, he is untouchable. "Leave Your Name" is a song about, duh, leaving a voicemail for R Kelly. He's a straight forward kinda guy, so the chorus goes like this "Leave your name right after the beep and I'm sure to get back with you if I'm not asleep/ Or smoking on some trees or having a little sex/ Or if I'm not faded or making a baby." R Kelly is more subtle than you might imagine, which you can see in the above lyrics. Because sometimes, you just be having sex. And sometimes, you be making a baby. Real Talk.

There are so many good songs, its difficult for me to decide which ones to talk about. Other favorites of mine include "The Zoo" (where he refers to himself as a sexasaurus), "Real Talk", and "Sex Planet". The latter of which, contains a mind-blowing amount of outer space sexuality. More than I thought possible. He's not going to rhyme painless with uran.... oh yes he is. Wow.

Some people don't like R Kelly for the multitude of good reasons that exist not to like R Kelly. I choose not to listen to reason, and to appreciate him for what he is. He's a joke that takes himself seriously! He's the funniest "serious" artist I know.


Mona said...

Gotta say... I read this one over the phone to a friend on the left coast. He was dying. Really enjoyed this!

Thecranewife said...

Real. Talk.

Nightrain said...

Oh snap! You didn't mention the brilliance of the animal sounds on "The Zoo," but regardless, this is hee•larious!