June 13, 2008

Oona Garthwaite @ The Red Devil Lounge

Wow dude.. last time it was friends and now it's family? Good thing I'm an amazing un-biased reporter..

Oona is my sister in law and has been playing tons of shows for the last 1? 2? years... Since Serena and I are old people who have trouble venturing out of the house (let alone Santa Cruz) in the middle of the week, we have said "maybe next time" as politely as possible to all of Oona's show invites. I have however been following her career via the emails that she sends out on a regular basis, did you know that she played at the House Of Blues in LA last week? real talk!

Anyways same apprehension that I have about friends shows was applicable here, except even more so. What if I hate it? that could be awkward. What if one of her songs is called "Asshole brother in law"? Family dinners might be weird after that..

I'd always known that Oona had a larger than life voice.. though previously I'd mainly heard it used for "animated" and "spirited" "conversations".. turns out she can sing as well, and not just sing but really belt it out. Oona's aunt is the lovely and talented Terry Garthwaite who has obviously passed on her singing talent to her niece.

Now.. unlike my last show review I am going to actually attempt to describe the music.. It's a less electronic more explosive Luscious Jackson mixed with the good aspects of Fiona Apple (of which yes, there are a few).. I'm already not happy with that description as I feel I pigeonholed the sound as mid 90's which it is not. The sound is quite timeless but is a nice departure from some of the current female singers out there right now. Not that there is anything wrong with female singers these days. If I were a woman starting a band today I'm sure it would sound pretty much like a Feist cover band, and I'd be stoked.. In the case of Oona though, she does a great job of providing hooks and memorable lyrics while forging her own territory.

Whatever it sounded like it definitely captivated the entire room.. Oh yea, did I mention her backup band was ruling? The bass player had smart outfit, the drummer a sparkly drumkit and the guitarist had bendies for days! As a unit they were very cohesive as all get out! Good job fella's..

So anyways go see Oona play! it's pretty rad..

Nicely done sis!



awmercy said...

Nice use of quotes.

Mona said...

There's certainly NOTHING wrong with female singers when your name is PJ Harvey :-D