February 17, 2019

Rain's Early 2019 Favorites

Nivhek - After its own death/Walking in a spiral towards the house
Grouper's Liz Harris' side project which is perfect for these dark days of Winter. Evokes dreams during the waking hours. Gives hope in the hole where hope should reside.

Beirut - Gallipoli
Back to form soundtrack for my traveling gypsy caravan. Wintertime release makes me yearn for the future months in which I laze like a baked lizard on sun baked river rocks while the trout wink at me through the glinting water.

Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch - An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil
If tall city buildings could speak like Tolkien's Ents, this would be the sound of their voices

Steven Stapleton and David Tibet - The Threat of Memory
A big ol' stewpot full of discord and chaos. It's lovely.

V/A - Russian Doll Soundtrack
There isn't an "official soundtrack" out for it yet, but I bet there will be. I recently watched the Netflix series, Russian Doll (which is amazing and you should see it. I binged all 8 episodes in less than a 24 hour period...) and what struck me was how good the music selected for the show is. I made my own playlist after researching the tracks used. The highlight and new discovery for me is French psych-surf duo, The LimiƱanas. They might be my new favourite band. Their entire music catalogue that spans the last decade is phenomenal and they just seem to be getting better and are gaining traction and attention (as evidenced by their most recent album having a song featuring Joy Division's Peter Hook on bass).


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