January 3, 2019

Sharon's Top 6 Albums from 2018

1. Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurts   
I didn't realize that I needed Spiritualized back into my life. Such a fantastic sleepy time album that I usually don't make it past track 4 or 5!

2. Essex Green - Hardly Electric 

You know they are Belle and Sebastian's second cousin, right?

3. Middle Kids - Lost Friends      

My husband thinks they sound boring. They speak to me.

4. The Carters - Everything is Love          

Some days I don’t feel cool enough to listen to this album. Fuck that inner dialogue.

5. Robyn - Honey            

One of those albums I liked after one listen. Just pure fun!

6. Flasher - Constant Image       



awmercy said...

Flasher rules! So good live.

The Essex Green was another favorite at our house. I could listen to "Sloan Ranger" all day.

Rain Hiawatha Kernytsky said...

I spent MANY a day listening to that Essex Green album while solo picnic-ing by the Yuba River. So dang good!