January 3, 2019

Jesse's Top 15 Albums from 2018

1. Superchunk - What A Time To Be Alive            

Delivering on the promise of last year's political daggers, this album captures where my head's at these days. Practically on daily rotation.

2. Horse Feathers - Appreciation             

Longtime fan, but this is easily my favorite Horse Feathers album. Playing it for everyone, and all kinds dig it.

3. Flasher - Constant Image       

Is this post punk? New Wave? The best of both? It toys with jagged riffs, repetition, harmonies, and so many barbed hooks. Plus, they look 10.

4. Native Sun - Always Different, Always The Same    
A late addition and only an EP, but nearly every song is a killer slab of swaggering rocknroll.

5. Alice Ivy - I’m Dreaming

Avalanches comparisons are fair, but damn if the album doesn't reveal new details to love with each listen.

6. Spiritual Cramp - Television   

Holy crap! Loved the EPs but these 6 new songs might even be better. Combines for an all around fiery punk LP.

7. Alien Boy - Sleeping Lessons 

Nailing that perfect mix of melody, noise, and emotional heft. Easily one of my top Portland albums this year.

8. Heaven - All Love Is Blue        

Love their expansive sound; this shoegaze struts. Side A is near perfection. On heavy rotation this year.

9. The Orielles - Silver Dollar Moment   

Infusing their indie pop tons of clever surprises. Sounds both familiar and unique.

10. Chemtrails - Calf Of The Sacred Cow

Discovered these gender-bending psych pop masters off a 2017 label sampler and fell in love with their previous two psych pop EPs. My Johnny-come-lately status payed off with an album released just weeks later and that I’ve rocked ever since.

11. Beatchild & The Slakadeliqs - Heavy Rockin’ Steady

Subtle and buttery hooks from all over place. Throw it on for your own High Fidelity/Beta Band type moment.   

12. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-        

Oh man, "USA" is a sprawling, kitchen sink punk epic that just slays in its messy brilliance.

13. The Record Company - All Of This Life

They keep it simple -- three guys, a couple chords, minimal lyrics -- but when they find a rhythm, they work it, wringing out each sweaty riff. Hey! Whoa oh oh oh.

14. Lord Huron - Vide Noir

First introduced to this band off one of these lists back in 2011 and they’ve been a mainstay on the radio since then. Another family favorite.

15. Murder by Death - The Other Shore

Propelled by a baritone vocals and bold drum beats, these country gothic anthems ride the line between dark and celebratory.


awmercy said...

If I am being honest, there is a huge omission on my list. Easily the most played album in our house was Ants Ants Ants. It's a pretty great children's album written by two guys from also pretty great Portland indie pop bands, Derby and the Dimes. It's the one album we can all agree upon even after listening to it 100 times. I highly recommend it to anyone with kids.