December 24, 2015

Top 12 Portland EPs from 2015

Screw albums, EPs are where it's at. Once Again, Portland had a mess of EPs that rocked my world and dominated my stereo. Maybe some of these are technically singles or mini albums. Those are your hang ups, not mine. More than half the bands were new to me and had me desperately wanting more, practically the definition of a great EP. Rejected a top 20, failed at a top 10, settled on a top 12. Hey, it makes for a good mix.

The Tamed West - The Tamed West
So excited about this EP. Love their reverb laden indie rock.

Airport - Heat Flash 
From the first chime of guitar this EP targets my indie pop sweet spot, but its the beautiful aching vocals that really nail it.

The Reverberations - Are Outtasite!
"Lost In Time" could easily be their motto. Simply delicious garage rock, just like kind I used to lap up at Slabtown and East End.

The Ghost Ease - Raw
A short blast of an EP, at any and all times, playful, artful, and angry. Sneaks in a great M.I.A. cover at the end. As an added bonus, there's no overlap with the LP!

Cat Hoch - Look What You Found
A rising star standing out in Portland's robust shoegaze/dream pop scene. Love the hazy, spiraling single "Losing It."

Wishyunu - Photoplay
Like a spell, Bei Yan's ethereal vocals and swirling, atmospheric keys wrap around you and draw you in and under.

Patsy’s Rats - Patsy’s Rats EP 
Fist pumping power pop for sloshing tallboys, with a celebratory tribute to fallen friend and one time PDX musician.

Is/Is - Return To Zero
A great introduction to their surprising vast and excellent catalog of soaring dream pop and noisy shoe gaze.

Satin Chaps - Stompin’ / Hard Drivin’
Come for the dance floor soul, stay for the sax. Think mid-60s Mar-Keys.

The Furies -  The Furies
Rumor has it, members of the No Tomorrow Boys, Youthbitch, and the Cry! cranked out this catchy rock n' roll EP.

Theme Witch - You Are Wrong EP
Great new bedroom psych pop band.

Wild Ones - Heatwave
Sweet and exquisite pop, swaying along at side of the dance floor.


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