December 17, 2015

Ancient Indian Wizard’s Favorite Albums from 2015

Lord Huron - Strange Trails
These guys create a magical world in their songs. I think I want to live there but I'm also a bit afraid of it.

Pink Shiny Ultrablast - Everything Else Matters
Part Ride. Part Cocteau Twins. Part My Bloody Valentine. All parts amazing. A sonic wall of awesome.

Sheer Mag - II
It's a 7". It's 4 songs. It's amazing.

Father John Misty - I Love You Honey Bear
A gorgeous overview of the small and big problems of the world set to a soothing and wistful soundtrack.

Beirut - No No No
This is one of those albums that if you put on in mixed company invariably someone will ask "who is this?". It lures you in by seeming familiar but then quickly takes you somewhere else entirely.

The Decembrists - What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World
Oh weird?! The Decemberists put out a new album this year and it's in my top 10 list?! Another lovely romp in and out of reality by these talented fools.

Heat - Rooms
Thankfully someone decided to continue in the Strokes gritty pop music mold while still concentrating on craftsman ship. Not only did they accomplish that but they expanded on it. Well done Canada!

Twin Shadow - Eclipse
Perhaps a polarizing album in the Twin Shadow fan club. I was apprehensive but after deciding to dive on in I never looked back.

Helio Sequence - The Helio Sequence
I keep wanting to talk about how simple their sound is but I feel like that sounds wrong because they obviously put a ton of work into it and it sounds amazing so I'm just going to say that it is simple in the absolute best possible way. I love these dudes.

Big Grams - Big Grams
"Fell In The Sun" is an all out club banger for me. First time I heard it I was like "who the hell is this" then I found out that it was Big Boi and Phantogram and what was left of my mind was fully blown. So good.

Lost Lander - Medallion
The song "Sunburns" absolutely rules.

Ryan Adams - 1989
Hi Ryan. Of course I still love you.


awmercy said...

You got some solid Portland representation on this list. I forgot that the Helio Sequence album came out this year. Gotta revisit that one.