March 1, 2013

PAPA - On Tour; Album Forthcoming

PAPA isn't new, but it feels like they are on the cusp of breaking out of the shadows to enter the indie spotlight and they are about to venture out on a small-venue tour. Jump at the opportunity while you can, because I have a feeling that after this next mini tour and the release of a full length they won't be offering too many more free shows. Why would they? The music is great and great music isn't free.

The band's 2011 EP, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, is excellent (so is the album art; internet search that business), but like all EPs, it is too damn short, coming in at just under 23 minutes. They also released a single last year for the track "Put Me To Work," video below. Nice, right? One can hope that they will come out with all new tracks on the LP rather than simply tacking 3 new songs onto the EP. Time to fire up that album press, gents, the people want more. I, for one, will be ready.

On Tuesday, March 5 the band will making a stop at Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, and will be at SOHO in Santa Barbara two days later.

Just a heads up. Now, back to work...