April 13, 2011

The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? (2011)

Sad-sack mopers beware, The Vaccines' new album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? is relentlessly upbeat and fun, so you might as well just slip on your shorts, grab a six pack, and head for the water. Released just in time for the warm weather, the album is packed with summer indie rock jammy jams. The surf rock vibe driven by the reverb-soaked guitar riffs and pounding toms recalls Surfer Blood's Astro Coast, which kicked off last year's summer, but with a touch more pop punk a la The Drums or The Soft Pack. Most of the songs are short, catchy and laden with enough surf and beach references to actually convince the listener that the band has spent a few summers away from London. The hook-filled "Westsuit" is the most obvious example. The album feels young and free-spirited, like on the opener "Wreckin' Bar," which mixes a propulsive beat with a bad ass high school fight song. Overall, they keep it simple and relatable on songs like "Post Break-Up Sex" and "If You Wanna," the later a playfully open offer to an ex-lover to reconsider her decision, creating a refreshingly laid-back and enjoyable album.

The Vaccines will be on tour with Artic Monkeys in May.


awmercy said...

Unfortunately, none of the announced dates are in Portland or San Francisco!

Oh, and the EP is good too.

Nightrain said...

"Wetsuit" is awesome.