March 18, 2011

Compton SF - Hurry Up and Die (2010)

I have to say one of my favorite surprises and sort of 'found money' situations involves going to see a band you like, and ending up liking the unknown opening act better than the headliner you came to see. Seeing Compton SF was one of those awesome surprises. No slight to Dead To Me, the band I came to see who rocked, but I fell in love with Compton SF. The band plays loud, speed punk, with a classic 80's feel to it. They were totally fucking rad live, and their album kicks ass. Everyone in the band sings (I think, many beers were consumed during their set) but I am pretty sure Stacey Dee is the lead who has that pack-a-day sound. The kind of vocals where you can almost smell the Jack Daniels breath, essential to any good punk band. The lyrics are playful and catchy but at the same time are heartfelt, original, and personal which I find very rare. A good example of this would be "Walk Backwards" an awesome song. This is just an overall kick ass rock and roll band, so if you want to break something I would suggest cranking up "Kill The Messenger" to eleven and have at it. Also, one of my favorite things about their album is that they follow the same traditions of my favorite punk bands. Example; it seems my favorite bands always have some sort of 80's pop song remake that comes out of left field, but somehow they make it rock. Compton SF follows suit with a remake of The Outfields's 'Your Love', which totally brought the house down live, and is now my favorite song of theirs. Check out the live version of "Kill the Messenger" below: