April 2, 2010

FNBP: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings & Modelo Negra

This week I am pairing Modelo Negra (a personal favorite) , with Sharon Jones and The Dap King's (also a personal favorite) new album "I Learned The Hard Way". Both the beers and the album came not from the fruit of my labor, but from good friends and family. The old man decided to unload his Modelo's on me since he is drinkin wine these days, score! Thanks dad. And the new album comes from Mercy's mafia like connections, granting me access to the new champions of soul before their official release date, which is April 6th. I have to say that just for the record, introducing someone to the new album, then telling them they can only listen once, is like introducing someone to rock cocaine and telling them they can only hit it one time. Needless to say I'm hooked and cannot be held responsible for my actions when it comes to getting my fix, and yes, I am willing to sell my T.V. to cop another listen. Anyway, the single I understand is "I Learned the Hard Way", which isn't bad, but dude, "Better Things To Do", "Window Shopping", "If You Call", and my favorite "Money" make we want to say fuck it. Sell the Honda and buy a Brougham, just so I can play this loud, look people square in the eye and say "that's right" as I hit a corner. And just as Modelo Especial is really good, like "100 Days and 100 Nights", the Negra is just a little bit better, just like "I Learned the Hard Way". The Especial is awesome, great beer, light, smooth, no complaints. But the Negra has that somethin extra, a little fuller flavor, but not overwhelming as to distract from what's workin with the Especial. That's kinda how I feel about "I Learned the Hard Way". The new album has a little more flavor in that the Dap Kings band was able to shine, especial-ly (ha!) in the track "If You Call". They let it hang out more in this album, but do not overshadow Sharon. Splendid album, splendid beer, check em' out!


Josh B. said...

I just saw her on the Colbert report. Loved it.