April 5, 2010

Moneybrother - Real Control (2010)

On Real Control, Moneybrother play what I'd call pub soul, following in the footsteps of musicians like Paul Weller who looked beyond their punk rock roots for inspiration in soul and reggae. I hear the echos of Joe Strummer on the shimmering keyboard driven ballad, "We Die Only Once", and Kevin Rowland on the chorus of "6 AM". "Born Under A Bad Sign" (mp3) opens with a soaring series of la la las, before settling into a rocksteady beat, while "Here Comes The Vain Again" has some moments that recall late 60's Motown. It makes for a great mix. I love the way "Feel Like Hurting Somebody" charges into a singalong chorus. Apparently Moneybrother has been big in Scandinavia for years. You can bet I'll be checking out the back catalog.

He's playing Portland's East End on April 10th. I can't wait to hear him belt it out live.


Nightrain said...

"Pub soul"... me like.