March 26, 2010

FNBP: Rogue Wave - Permalight (2010) & Trumer Pils

Permalight: easy to listen to; not “easy listening.” Smooth vocals, catchy instrumentation and a distinct style all add up to a new Rogue Wave album that will make the fans of Asleep at Heaven’s Gate quite content and should continue to generate a fan base far beyond the shores of the East and West Bay. Permalight is a pop album that dances around styles and pacing like an album that was marinated and tinkered with for three years, which it was. The upbeat “Solitary Gun” leads into the bouncy, danceable single "Good Morning (The Future)," but then the pace slows considerably with "Sleepwalker" only to be kicked back into gear by the very catchy "Stars and Stripes" and "Permalight" (be prepared to sing along). I think the album tapers off toward the end after having some really engaging, electro-pop tracks in the beginning. I like what Rogue Wave did with Permalight; however, I don't think many people will be blown outta the water by what is here.

In a similar light, Trumer Pils makes for easy drinking. And speaking of water, Trumer found its way from Salzburg to the East Bay because of  perfect beer brewing water (or so I've been told). Now whether or not this is entirely true, I have no idea; however, the result is a crisp, clean, refreshing award-winning pilsner that resembles champagne in texture. I am not always in the mood for a Pils, but this one is a great option when I am. Conveniently, San Francisco has been inundated with waves of bars serving the golden brew, including my afternoon walk home stop at Tony Nik's. "Refreshing" could be used to describe both Trumer and Rogue Wave, and the combination could make for the perfect sunny afternoon. Check out these two golden gems from the East Bay, and your won't be disappointing.