December 19, 2009

The xx - "Heart Skipped A Beat" (live)

I've been asking myself these past few months "Hmm, I wonder how The xx would be live?" and this video pretty much answers it for me: flawless. And now I'm giving myself the silent treatment because I'm angry for missing their NYC show last month due to an ill-timed outbreak of the flu. And the worst part of it all? They played at my favorite [and arguably the best] venue in the city to catch indie's latest and greatest (The Bowery Ballroom). Based on some amateur show footage I caught on YouTube, yeah, they're fantastic live and I'm feeling that drum machine. As expected, they use that dim lighting I love that gives the Bowery an even more intimate feel than it already has for a band whose super-sultry debut oozes with sonic sensuality. I'm pretty sure any dude who brought his girlfriend to this show woke up the next morning feeling lucky, extremely grateful and had some extra pep in his step from all the inevitable post-show "discussion" that went on well into the night. Smart move, gentlemen.

Below is a stellar example of their live capabilities for your listening pleasure. I really hope they come back to NYC again after their string of European dates because I'm so there... and, hopefully, with some very scruffy, bed-head faux-hawky, plaid shirt-wearing, Red Stripe-swigging company.

And for those who prefer in-studio performances, this one's pretty baller.