December 10, 2009

Magic & Fur - "Us" and "Pillow Talk"

I have officially become fascinated by the way Magic & Fur have decided to not leak, but periodically present, their unreleased tracks from their forthcoming album to the public. As someone who follows the law and business of the music industry rather closely, I am curious if this tactic will enhance or deflate the eventual distribution of their album. Regardless, I appreciate their willingness to share their progress with us fans. Every track has been excellent and the collection appears promising, and in the same manner that I eagerly anticipated the release of Alberta Cross' album during 2009, I now await the release of Magic & Fur's debut in 2010. To use their words: "A release early next year beckons..." Indeed.


ve1cro said...

I am really diggin' "The Puzzle and the Pieces."

Nightrain said...

Have you had a chance to listen to their other released stuff ("Christine," "Apple Falls" etc.)?

All very good.

ve1cro said...

Not yet but I am totally interested now. I'll let you know my thoughts.