December 5, 2009

Company of Thieves - "Oscar Wilde" (video)

Chicago indie rockers Company of Thieves released a video earlier this year for their breakout single "Oscar Wilde" and it's a bit of a treat for any of the Wes Anderson fans out there, particularly of Rushmore (my favorite). I wasn't sure if I just dug this song because of the quirky tribute video or the fact that Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite writers, but the music is raw and shows lots of promise. And I detect a hint of attitude. Lead singer Genevieve Schatz's voice shares a little of the sweet raspiness of Heartless Bastards' Erika Wennerstrom, while the jagged guitar work is edgy without ever sounding overly produced. This music video should have been mine! Plus, Company of Thieves reminds me of the style of tunes my imaginary band would make, if we ever got around to recording.