November 18, 2009

Doomriders - Darkness Come Alive (2009)

My first experience with Doomriders was when I picked up the record on account that there was almost an exact replica of the tattoo that covers half my arm on the cover. It was their first album, Black Thunder. On the first listen, I thought to myself, 'if I were to start a band today, this is exactly what it would sound like'. I was absolutely addicted to that record for 6 months, and for several years I have listened to them on a weekly basis. The only bit of new material since Black Thunder was a split 7" with Disfear, and a couple podcasts. In late September of this year, Doomriders released their 2nd full length album, Darkness Come Alive. Upon the first listen, I was texting one of my best friends who lives in LA, exchanging thoughts on the record. We both had the same reaction – "Fuck, this is good". I really liked it on the first couple listens. I was really surprised of how much Nate's singing reminded me of Lou Koller of Sick Of It All, and how much the song structure sounded like Danzig.

I was used to their fast paced riff ridden mix of metal, hardcore, rock, and doom that they had on Black Thunder. There was a certain beer drinking humor that was present on Black Thunder that made the band seem like a party/live band that I was way into. At some point in the last 4 years, the party ended, and it got real fucking dark. On Darkness Come Alive, their pace has slowed waaaayyyy down. It is way more sludgy, and I have come to appreciate it exponentially with every listen. It is so much more heavy, and it lends the ears to pay attention to Nate's lyrics so much more, which have gotten real dark and real rad.

"Choke on all their lies / wasted all their lives / lowest of the low / You’ve got the heart of a lion”

The only song that has remnants of Black Thunder on it is the title track "Come Alive". For the first month of listening to Darkness Comes Alive, it was my favorite song on the album. I have come around and let the gloomy cloud cover of the rest of the album cover up the little bit of light that "Come Alive" contributed to the album. "Bear Witness" is probably my #1 on the album right now. The last 40 seconds of the song blows my mind every time i hear it. Other honorable mentions are "Lions", "Jealous God", and the amazing closer, "Rotter".

This album appeals to so many different listeners due to its diverse influences, and genres that it touches on, but it is an absolute must have for people that want to get pissed and throw some hairnados.

"Pretenders beware/strike you down where you stand."