October 15, 2009

The Almighty Defenders - The Almighty Defenders (2009)

Certainly one of the big draws at the Scion Garage Fest will be the Almighty Defenders, a supergroup made up of King Khan, BBQ (Mark Sultan), and the Black Lips. Already individually known for wild stage antics, this group should be a riot on stage. Their self-titled album seems to support that premise with its loose live sound. Think a darker and less-wholesome Beach Boys' Party, but instead of covering songs outright they lift and integrate girl group choruses, rockabilly beats, and soulful vocals into sludgy and irreverent fun. The call and response on "All My Loving" is exactly what you would expect - group yelling, fuzzy guitar, and a soulful garage beat. "I'm Coming Home" sounds like a gritty Sam and Dave B-side. "The Ghost With the Most" lifts some sha la la's from Manfred Mann. There are even a couple tracks of collected grunts, whispers, monster noises, and some Three Stooges impersonations.