August 13, 2009

International Pop Overthrow

Flipping through the Portland Mercury today I came across a listing for the International Pop Overthrow power pop festival at East End. Although I've never heard of any of the bands playing this weekend, but I bet they all play hook filled indie pop, like the kind on the IPO compilations that I've been collecting off and on for years. They always feature a couple standout heavily influenced by the Beatles, Big Star or the Romantics. I can't believe I almost missed it. Not sure which set I'll be able to catch, but either way it will be a good opportunity to pick up the new compilation.

Has anyone heard of any of these bands?

Friday, August 14
8:00 The Welfare State
8:30 Phamous Phaces
9:00 Beyond Veronica
9:30 The Quags
10:00 The Imprints
10:30 A.M. Interstate
11:00 Big Daddy Stereo
11:30 Mission 5

Saturday, August 15
8:00 Graystar
8:30 One Silver Astronaut
9:00 Blue Skies For Black Hearts
9:30 The Irises
10:00 Hawkeye
10:30 UHF
11:00 Throwback Suburbia
11:30 Black Mercies

Sunday, August 16
7:30 Someday Tricycle
8:00 The Orchid Highway
8:30 The Neat
9:00 Pale Blue Sky
9:30 Sean Wagner
10:00 Orange Collection
10:30 The Strange Effects


Mona said...

Oh wow, this sounds kind of neat. Great way to hear more about indie bands from all over the world it would otherwise be hard to come across! IPO, then maybe some I.P.A.'s? Haha, I miss Portland!