July 10, 2009

I Was A King Inteview

I really enjoyed I Was A King's self-titled debut, so it was especially cool when frontman Frode Strømstad graciously answered a couple quick questions via email shortly before their concert at the Doug Fir. They are back in Norway now, but it sounds like they had a good time, so maybe they'll be back.

QuickCrit: How is the tour going?
Frode Strømstad: The tour has been great so far! Of course some shows and places better than others, but we are really enjoying being here. Always a lot of friendly people coming out. We like friendly people.

QC: Judging from your videoblog, your days seem extremely packed. Are you getting any time to explore any of the cities you play in? If so, what are going to try and do or see in Portland?
FS: Well that is the bad thing about the tour, that we don´t have any time to explore each city. But we see a lot of truckstops and roadsigns on our way. We've been trying to locate some good food in each city, basically the only thing we have time to do. For Portland, I met Marty [Marquis] from Blitzen Trapper some days ago, and he drew me a map, with directions and good places to go, and told us that Portland is the best, so we are excited.

QC: Which songs seem to be the crowd favorites?

FS: It is hard to tell, but I think "California" and "Golden Years" have been well received.

QC: You seem to pull in a wide range of fuzzy pop. Who or what do you think are your biggest influences?

FS: Hm, that is always hard to say, influences seem to change all the time. Right now I've been really into bands like Red Krayola and Licourice Roots. Also traveling around has a big impact on me. I have tons of new ideas after this round, so can't wait to come back home and sit down with a guitar.

QC: How did you decide to place such an amazing song as "Norman Bleik" at the end of the album?
FS: Norman Bleik is actually one of the oldest recordings on the album, and were not meant to be on any album in the first place. But when we started to mix the album, we gave it a new chance. I still don't think it is our best song. Since it is an album there shouldn't be rules about when a song should or should not appear.

QC: I don't know many Norwegian bands. Are there any other up and coming bands I should know about?
FS: Serena Maneesh (not up and coming, but new fantastic album in the works), Harrys Gym (which is Anne Lises other band), Bygdin (new project from the 120 days guys), Megaphonic Thrift, Maribel.


Nightrain said...

Very cool... who knew you had a journalism background.

awmercy said...

Yeah. I should probably go back and just use that for actual concerts and bands from the area.

awmercy said...

Although it is directly mentioned.