July 9, 2009

Gossip - Music For Men (2009)

I am not usually one to gossip, but for a moment I want to chat a little about this flossy new album from the Portland-based trio, Gossip. Music for Men is all about powerful female vocals, courtesy of Beth Ditto, and dance-inducing drum beats and guitar riffs... and despite the album title, I'm pretty sure the ladies will dig it too. For a band that has its history rooted in punk and rock, and pays homage to early 90s Morrissey on the album cover, they have put together a pretty glossy party album that just doesn't quit. Perhaps it was producer Rick Rubin's influence that adds that heightened level of glitzy, Hollywood club sheen, but it is Ditto's voice that carries the tone and attitude of the album. If you are not into the dance tracks as casual background fuzz, then slap this on during your next run or gym trip and get the party started. It's certainly worth a listen, and a play during your next stint as a late night dance party iPod DJ. Check out "Heavy Cross," "For Keeps," and my personal favorite, "2012."


awmercy said...

What! What! Portland is in the house.

Nightrain said...

Seriously... Portland is the Kevin Bacon of rock and roll cities—every band is within 6 degrees.

awmercy said...

Check out their new video.