July 12, 2009

The Crane Wife's Overdue (Ha!) Summer Shortlist

In no particular order....
1. Beasts of Seasons- Laura Gibson
We saw her open for Colin Meloy awhile back, but only had a few of her songs until we were able to get this album. Poignant, winsome and sort of haunting. Not at all schmaltzy.

2. Further Complications-Jarvis Cocker
Okay, so I haven't actually heard this album. However, my faith in Jarv is vast and deep, and, as you can see from this video, the man clearly has taste.

3. Possible Blur reunion tour.
Whilst on the subject of the gods of Brit Pop, I can't forget to mention my deep excitement at the prospect of Blur reuniting. AncientIndianWizard and I would even get a babysitter in order to hear them live (should they travel to somewhere very close to us), thus fulfilling a dream we have both had since the mid-1990s. See those people in that video? They are living my dream.

4. Podcasts
I know, not technically music. However, All Songs Considered is about music. And sometimes so is This American Life. In fact, this episode of This American Life called "Music Lessons" made me laugh and then weep. Perhaps my tears were related to the fact that, at the time, I was in my first, tear heavy trimester of pregnancy, but I like to think that Anne Lamott does a pretty good job all by herself.

5. Okkervil River
Music? Yes. 2009? No. If it's not abundantly clear to you by now, I will go ahead and state the obvious: I haven't been real up to date about music lately. Maybe it's trying to finish graduate school, maybe it's trying to save money for the little person who uses many diapers, but so far this year, I've stayed in the realm of treating our itunes like a record store. Which brings me again and again to Okkervil River.


awmercy said...

Laura Gibson is playing PDX Pop Now! in a couple weeks. I'll have to give here a closer listen.

Mona said...

Crane wife! Podcasts totally count. Nice to see a post from you after so long. Think you'll step up your Quickcrit game again anytime soon? I mean, if not for you, then for the baby if you want to "set a good example" :) haha

ps- love this american life too. ever hear the one about the girl who contacts Phil Collins because he's the only person who "understands heartbreak" based on his songs, namely "Against All Odds".. it's fantastic. If you can't find it, let me know) -- he's great in it too!

Thecranewife said...

Oh, I truly love the Phil Collins piece.... they have such an amazing conversation. I need to dig that up on itunes and give it another listen, thanks for reminding me.

And yeah, I know, I need to be setting a good 21st century blogging example for the little person. I want to start her/him off right.