April 12, 2009

Camera Obscura - My Mauldin Career (2009)

My Mauldin Career, picnics, and maniacal prancing are perfect ways to welcome in the springtime. Throughout Camera Obscura's new album, we are treated to Tracyanne Campbell’s bewitching vocals and the band’s multi-instrumental zeal. The best tracks off the album are "French Navy," "The Sweetest Thing," "Swans," and "My Mauldin Career." Don't forget to listen to the last song on the album called "Honey in the Sun." This pop-tastic tune has over the top instrumentation, ridiculous energy, and is a great way to end the album. If you like Belle & Sebastian, the Essex Green, or the Concretes you'll be pleased!

Here's Camera Obscura's playful opening track "French Navy." It makes me go "ooo."


Mona said...

Sweet! Another Camera Obscura fan friend. I loooove them too! I used to listen to "Tears For Affairs" and "Anti-Western" on loop, and it never got old :)

ve1cro said...

Camera Obscura is great and I love their prior nod to Lloyd Cole. You'll probably dig this album - the upbeat songs are pretty solid. "James" is also a decent slower track.

Looking forward to your Phoenix review!

Mona said...

I'll let you know my thoughts once I listen to it.. I'm siked, thanks for alerting me to this new one!!

awmercy said...

I love "Honey In The Sun". I can't believe that it's relegated to the last track, although it does make for a strong finish.

Mona said...

Oh Ve1cro, this CD is just so lovely! What is it about C.O. that makes you wanna smile and cry at the same time? "The Sweetest Thing" is so cute. This CD will be my spring time music well into the summer!

Is it just me, but does her voice sound different? Not bad/good different, just... not the same.