March 4, 2009

Wheels On Fire - Get Famous! (2009)

Wheels On Fire remind me of the Reigning Sound, especially on "I'm Turning Into You", which is really to say that they sound like a lot of great bands and fuse country, soul and punk into the rootsy garage rock I love. That and Michael Chaney's voice has that same soulfuly strained quality as Greg Cartwright. When I looked up more about them I wasn't at all surprised that their bio mentioned playing a show with Jack Oblivian and now they are on the same label. Ha! They do love the same bands. I immediately liked just about every song on this album upon first listen, and after that it just got better. Check out "Too Stubborn To Fold" and the great orgran workout that is "Metal Mandy".


awmercy said...

I'm kind of bummed I just found out about these guys. Judging from the first few songs of their debut, it was just as good.

awmercy said...

Okay, maybe not quite as good, but still solid. Worth the download credits, but I'd still start with Get Famous!