November 13, 2008

Hot Catato's 5

I'm not dead, only very very lazy. Here's my 5:

Raw Ramp - T. Rex
T. Rex is sexy music, its all about cars and broads and a base line. It's really that easy sometimes.

Fortune - Miracle Fortress
Oh, so pretty! I want to lie in bed with my eyes closed and some super dope headphones and kind of let myself swim in this song. Do you ever feel like having a good cry? Maybe its a chick thing. This would be a good song to have a little cry to.

Plaster Casts of Everything - The Liars
I fucking love The Liars. If this song doesn't get you pumped, then you're probably not the kindof person I would enjoy spending time with.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
iPod, I am feeling so close to you right now. This is one of my all time favorite songs. I thinks its in the running for like a first-dance-at-my-wedding kindof song. The opening lines never fail to make me happy: What a beautiful face, I have found in this place, that is circling all round the sun. Aw.

Some Things You Never Get Used To - The Supremes
I love girl groups! This 4 disc greatest hits Supremes box set I have on my iPod takes up way too much space, but I cannot bring myself to remove any of it. I like to do little girl groupy hand motions while I listen, so I'm gonna stop typing and focus on that now.

Sortof disappointed I didn't get the opportunity to discuss my love for mainstream hip hop.


Nightrain said...

This is some damn funny stuff... As your attorney I advise you to stop being so lazy.

awmercy said...

T. Rex is on my list of all time favorite bands. Electric Warrior never fails to rock my world. Oddly, although I have approximately 90 T. Rex songs (not counting John's Children or Tyrannosausrus Rex), I don't have "Raw Ramp". What album is that off?

awmercy said...

One time I was at local record store in DC, DC/CD, shortly before it closed, and was flipping through the CDs and overheard an amazing exchange at the counter. One guy was buying a Strokes CD and another guy was up there chatting with the cashier.

When the guy chatting saw what the other guy was buying, he started ranting about how the Strokes weren't any good, not nearly as good as Nuetral Milk Hotel, and that everyone should be listening to Aeroplane Over The Sea.

And when the buyer said he never heard of that album, the chatter got so work up that he finally exclaimed, something like "Fuck it. I am going to buy you the CD right now so that you know what I am talking about." And he did. And it was very dramatic and awesome. I have never been so happy to be in a record store as that moment.

sandenuts said...

That is an awesome story mercy. This whole shuffle experiment is fun, most of these bands people have been posting, I have never heard of, and T Rex has been one of my favorite new discoveries, thanks Tater.

Nightrain said...

Cool Story, Hansel.

awmercy said...

If anyone is dying for some new Neutral Milk Hotel, the Rural Alberta Advantage might hold them over. The lead singer sounds a lot like Jeff Mangum.