August 14, 2008

DragonForce – Ultra Beatdown (2008)

DragonForce may be the most distinctive band in the galaxy, or perhaps, I simply don’t pay enough attention to modern metal. Personally, I feel both statements are true, but regardless of DragonForce’s pure uniqueness, they deliver machine-gunning double-bass drums, soaring dueling lead guitars, featuring mind-blowing solos of exhausting lengths, and wailing, sing-along vocals that tell tales that could make up any adolescent, Dungeons & Dragons fanatic’s wet dreams. As I mentioned in my First Impression on July 10th, DragonForce doesn’t saunter far from their established formula, which suggests repetition and limited longevity, but Ultra Beatdown delivers 9 more high-energy epics that stretch the boundaries of guitar solos (lookout Guitar Hero players), beats per minute, and intergalactic vocals. In addition to the 1st single, “Heroes of Our Time,” I highly recommend “Heartbreak Armageddon,” “The Last Journey Home” & “The Warrior Inside” for everyone’s next workout mix.

Note: The above may seem silly to the general public, but DragonForce plays genuinely FUN music, and I have yet to find someone who legitimately disagrees… and who’s opinion actually matters.


ve1cro said...

It's only 7:37 a.m. but I have a feeling it's going to be the best thing I read all day! This review hits home!

Mona said...

"...any adolescent, Dungeons & Dragons fanatic’s wet dreams." Oh my! I literally just laughed my ass off my chair while reading "intergalactic vocals." I didn't know those could even exist!

This review is hysterical! Thanks for laughs man, I needed them today :)

Nightrain said...

Thanks for the nods.