July 1, 2008

Dr. Diggs' Summertime Synopsis

5.) www.quickcritmusic.com - I gotta agree with Nightrain on this one, this adventure has reinvigorated my interest in new music and kept me laughin' to boot. Kudos to you all!

4.) Punk Rock - A donation to me of an insane collection of punk rock albums, along with my old collection, sparked a few months of steering wheel drumming sing alongs as I piloted the van around Santa Barbara. Good Riddance, Fury 66, Sick of It All, NoFX, Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, H2O, Dropkick Murphys, Refused, I could go on and on...

3.) Karaoke Nights at The James Joyce - What do you get when you give a shameless drunk a job with perks such as free drinks, a stage, and a microphone? Quite possibly the best karaoke night ever. Highlights include berating non-singers/shitty singers, bathroom "sessions", and seeing if I can make it through all twelve tap beers in 4 hours.

2.) The G.G.M.E. - A predecessor to quickcritmusic, this music knowledge venture has kept me in the know about all the best music there is out there. Learning about and listening to new music galore makes driving my piece of shit van enjoyable and the purchase of a stereo that far exceeds the value of the vehicle worth it.

1.) Velvet Jones - My favorite live music venue in Santa Barbara, they book all the hardest rockin' shows in town. Combine that with the fact that they like to get me wasted for free, and you've got a recipe for good times whenever a rad show hits the bill. Good music and good people can't really be beat.


sandenuts said...

You bite your tongue, the crime van is worth it's weight in gold! GOLD SIR! The Velvet Jones sounds like a great place to see dirty girls dance naked, do they moonlight as a strip club as well? Perhaps on Tuesday evenings?

Mona said...

Aww, your number 4 got me feeling all nostalgic... I used to see all those bands back when I'd go to the warped tour every summer (back when it was actually worthwhile). Please tell me you got some really old school MxPx... "Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo" is one of my all-time favs.

Nightrain said...

Hey Nutso, I don't think that VJs ever ups the ante to Strip Club status, but the picture that I almost posted instead of the Velvet Jones logo on The Doctor's list was a Kodak moment of him chillin' (almost, if not entirely, passed out) with Aviators on in the Go-Go cage at Velvet Jones with drinks (that's right, plural) still in hand.

A classic moment indeed.