July 7, 2008

Brasilliant's "Make it Through the Summer" Short List

5. My totally cute Ipod Shuffle. It has been an inspiration for me to get my lazy butt out of bed and actually exercise. In a time of insane stress and utter hatred for going to work, endorphins are my friends.

4. The Ark. I don't care if they were on the top of my 2007 favorites list, the Ark still rocks my world. Big-time. Ola Salo (who loves men, women, AND palindromes) still makes me squeal as he belts out glam-pop to fuel my morning runs. Oh and, Cranewife, he's a Swede.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones. I'm in the process of finishing a giant project at work and these lovelies have enabled me to live in harmony with my coworkers. You could even say they prevented 3 deaths by choking.

2. Sandrine - Dark Fades into Light (2008). I love the whole album and have listened to it repeatedly since it was purchased in April. I have been a total slacker at writing music reviews, but this one definitely warrants some attention.

1. The Weepies - Hideaway (2008). Along with Sandrine, the Weepies rise to the top of my "most listened" list for 2008. Not only am I in love with Hideaway, but also their two previous albums, Say I Am You, and Happiness. When played back to back, they provide hours of pure joy. Some day I'll get around to reviewing them as well.


Thecranewife said...

The Ark! Yes! After Nightrain informed me of their Scandinavian-ness, I had to put them on my ipod (yay ipod), and they totally rock! I like Death to Martyrs, as far as getting rocked goes.

Mona said...

Sigh, that photo of the shuffle saddens me b/c my blue one got stolen! I seriously haven't gone to the gym in months because of that fact! Who can work out without music?

Brasilliant said...

I certainly can't. Running without music = death. So sad to hear your shuffle is gone!

Mona said...
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Mona said...

You need to review CD's more! It's time for the ladies to show 'em how it's done :) You too, Cranewife!