July 1, 2008

Beck - Modern Guilt (2008)

Beck is back with a cool new album and it's full of percussion, whether it's drums, beats, or clicks and clacks. While Beck's vocals drift along over simple songs, the drums seem to push the songs forward, not allowing them to slow down to a sleepy meander. Danger Moucse spruces up Beck's laid back indie shuffles with cool effects, beats, and layered sounds, creating a warm and dynamic sound. "Replica" sounds fuzzy and amazing. While never invisible, the production doesn't overwhelm or distract, rather it accentuates the songs. The beats pull you in and keep things moving: "Soul Of A Man" rides a big riff and a thump, "Profanity Prayers" chugs along with a catchy chorus, and "Gamma Ray" grabs you with a guitar hook. The songs are less jarringly experimental than some of his previous work, but overall it's a very enjoyable and cohesive album.


awmercy said...

Cat Power is on their too, but hardly makes and impression.

Mona said...

Why does everyone go nuts over Cat Power? She opened up for an Interpol show I went to last year and no joke... it was the most boring experience I've ever witnessed. I had to go hang out by the hot dog stand outside and wait til she was done!