April 12, 2008

They Live By Night - Art And Wealth (2007)

They Live By Night make excellent indie pop, employing the now classic indie rock sounds of strummed guitars, strained vocals, and catchy choruses. The best songs, like "Truth or Dare" or "Factory" are propelled forward by anxious vocals and tense drumming. However, bop-bop-ba-da-da backing vocals never let the songs become too bitter. Like quite a few Swedish bands before them, they are comfortable mining the last 30 years of pop music for ideas and sounds (a little Beach Boys here, a little alt. rock there) and then combining them into something fresh and interesting, if not completely new.


Nightrain said...

"bop-bop-ba-da-da?" What are they, Swedish Doo-wop?

Hey man, I can dig it.