January 2, 2019

Jeremy H's Top 7 Albums from 2018

1. Camp Cope - How to Socialise & Make Friends             

Honestly shocked that this isn’t on more Best-of Lists this year. It’s riveting. It’s defiant. It’s melancholic. It howls. For several weeks in a row I was consistently compelled to put this on first thing every morning and I never once regretted it.

2. Katie Ellen - Still Life 

Anika Pyle continues her incredible run on this second offering from Katie Ellen (check out her previous band Chumped’s Teenage Retirement, it’s truly amazing). Solid indie rock with some interesting pop flourishes – by far my favorite live show of the year. “Adaptation of Para Todos” is an epic builder both on record and in person. I’m so excited to see what they do next.

3. Muncie Girls - Fixed Ideals     

British pop-punk inspired by Sylvia Plath? Sign.Me.Up. A little poppier than their last album but this one still slaps. I emailed the band to try to get them to add a San Francisco show, and the guitarist responded with a very pleasant exchange. #approachable (they didn’t add the show though)

4. Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel          

Somehow I passed over Barnett’s second full-length when it hit the shelves back in May. But I gave it a spin again last week and was blown away. This is a rock album.

5. Boygenius - Boygenius            

I didn’t give Lucy Dacus’ Historian enough listens to put it on here but I have a feeling by this time next year it will be my favorite album of 2018. Instead I’ll salute the Dacus/Baker/Bridgers trio: genius move to combine these three voices and musical sensibilities. Huge sound. Heard their live show was amazing and I am seriously bummed to have missed it. Second EP on my list – Jesse I hope you are happy.

6. Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Weird, energetic, elusive folk rock. Eat an edible and put this on and you will swear Frances Quinlan is crawling out of your speakers to deliver you the vocals.

7. Swearin' - Fall Into the Sun    

Have to include a Crutchfield on this list every year and this time I'm going with Allison and her reunited (for the moment) band. Kind of a Rilo Kiley situation where I frequently skip the male vocal's songs but still, on balance, amazing.


awmercy said...

Thanks for introducing me to Katie Ellen earlier in the year. I really like the song "Houses into Homes." Bummed, we didn't catch that show. Next time.

awmercy said...

Finally getting around to listening to Muncie Girls. Love it. Thanks for recommendation.