February 22, 2017

QCM's "Best of 2016" Playlists (Playlist 1: Best of the Best)

As before, we asked QuickCrit's illustrious annual survey takers to list their favorite songs from their favorite albums. The result is a quirky, eclectic "Best of the Best" playlist clocking in at just over seven hours. This mind-numbingly awesome playlist can be accessed via Spotify below:

Also consistent with past years, to spice things up, we asked survey takers to submit a song or two that falls under some colorfully entitled category. Those playlists will be posted in the following days.

Of course, if you have any suggested additions to the playlists, please leave recs in the comments section below. 

Happy listening!


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Some of the most amazing songs are featured in this playlist. Guess I'm going to be adding some new songs to my playlist soon haha.