July 20, 2011

Young Buffalo - Young Von Prettylips EP (2011)

Young Buffalo popped up on my radar when I saw that they were opening for The Vaccines and Tennis on tour and specifically at MusicfestNW. They also keep with this week's emergent theme of writing about bands who have siblings in other rad bands (Guards/Cults); Young Buffalo’s Jim Barrett’s brother plays garage rock with Bass Drum of Death. Given their touring partners, no one should be surprised that Young Buffalo play catchy indie pop. In particular, their youthful energy and bountiful hooks remind me of the Givers and Little Ones. “Speak EZ” soars with vocal harmonies over a thumping drum beat, while guitars ring brightly. The alternating lines on “Full Metal Whacket” feed off each other, creating a boisterous call and response. Overall, it fun EP.

Although not on the EP, if you visit their webpage you can pick up their excellent cover of the Broken Social Scene’s “Anthems For A 17-Year-Old Girl” (mp3).

Young Buffalo - Catapilah from NAM on Vimeo.