July 7, 2011

Awmercy's Summer Short List

Light for Fire
Even six months later, I still can't stop listening to their tales of love and drinking, and perhaps love of drinking.

Black Joe Lewis Mixtape
Oh shit. Just when you thought you couldn’t shake any lower, flip on “Mustang Ranch (featuring Project Pat and Juicy J)” and the party will really start getting sweaty.

U.S. Royalty @ Mississippi Studios
With giant bluesy riffs exploded over a pounding drums, it was a fantastic display of what rock 'n roll can be. A perfect example of how a great performance can improve upon and make you like an album even more.

The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles 1972-1975
I’ve owned volume 1 for probably 15 years, but just picked up volume 3 this spring. No idea why I waited so long. The 10 discs packed with soul and funk jams have sent me on a serious Southern soul bender. Recovery unlikely.

Rock n’ Roll Breakfast with Miles
Each morning Miles and I get up together at the crack of dawn. While I make coffee and he eats a Cheerios and a banana, we welcome the sun with a mix of garage thumpers and soul shakers. He starts bobbing and rocking as soon as the music starts and I crack up every time.


Nightrain said...

I want a video of Rock n’ Roll Breakfast with Miles. iPhone video is fine.