May 4, 2011

Magic & Fur - The Last Of The Late Night Lost (2011)

Magic & Fur were my most anticipated album of 2010 ...I anticipated, but it didn't happen. Now, it has been nearly two full years since we first crowed about the forthcoming album, and it is finally here. Yeah! The majority of Last Of The Late Night Lost has been released in some manner or another, whether it be through bandcamp or EP, but the music still feels like a warm, fresh morning. "Christine" and "Apple Falls" remain the stand-out singles—solid longevity—with uptempo beats and hook-laden riffs that pull you in with great build-ups. "Do Not Toll The Bell" is a bass-line driven five star track reminiscent of "Heroes"-era Bowie. "Us" is my favorite of the newcomers, with a sing-along chorus and a head-nodding beat. I feel that the overall comparisons to Bowie and Interpol's sound still stand given the heavy emphasis on reverberating baritone vocals. The music is self-described as, "noir-soaked, hypnotic pop songs," which I think is partially off-base because, in my mind, noir tends to be associated with dark, cynical drama, and this album makes you want to happily bob about to the hypnotic pop, rather than wallow in it. Maybe that's just me. Regardless of your personal reaction to the music, this album is excellent beginning to end with a broad range of smooth sounds and solid songwriting. Hopefully we'll be seeing them stateside soon.

The album will be available on Monday, May 16 by download only.