May 25, 2011

Foster The People - Torches (2011)

Few can deny that Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kicks" is a killer single, building upon the chill psychedelic dance pop MGMT perfected on their first album, but subsequently left behind. Actually, all three songs off the EP are terrific. "Houdini" and "Helena Beats" recapture the joy of Passion Pit's indie dance party with big electronic beats and shimmering keyboards. Given the indie pedigree of the EP, it's no surprise that the rest of the songs off their debut full length, Torches, don't generate the same level of buzz. However, given a couple of spins, it becomes clear that there isn't a bad track in the bunch. "Color on the Walls (Don't Stop)" recalls the Dandy Warhols at their most tight and catchy. The lilting ballad "Waste" snaps along briskly, while "Warrant" brings everyone back out on the floor for one more sweaty spazz attack. Overall, it's a fun, breezy album, packed with plenty of hooks and hip shaking beats, no doubt perfect for summer nights.

Houdini (Live In Solana Beach) from Foster The People on Vimeo.


Mona said...

Perhaps 2011's album of the summer? I just can't imagine anything coming out anytime soon to eclipse all the musical fun good time feel to this one!!

awmercy said...

It definitely will rule the summer dance parties. Cults should satisfy a sunny day sweet tooth, but the new Black Lips are emerging as my go to rock album.