December 10, 2010

U.S. Royalty - "Equestrian"

I know we aren't done with 2010 yet — we are all still finishing up our top 10 lists for 2010 — but I from what I can tell, 2011 is going to be another great year for music. A few local Portland favorites, The Builders And The Butchers, Dolorean and Loch Lomond, are releasing albums early next year. While I am really excited about all three albums, I am also looking forward to all the potential new discoveries. One of which will likely be DC's U.S. Royalty, especially if the rest of the album lives up to the single "Equestrian" (mp3). They've been compared to Local Natives, The Black Keys, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, and early Kings of Leon, basically a list of some of my favorite bands. I definitely hear the Fleet Foxes influence on this song, which makes me curious to hear their other ones.


Nightrain said...

Very good single... the album should be quite interesting.

Where is the video!?!

awmercy said...

Seriously. They need to get on that.

Joshua said...

This is a fantastic tune!

Nightrain said...

We haven't even finished the 2010 lists and I'm already heavily invested in the offerings of 2011.

awmercy said...

There is something about revisiting my favorite albums and then settling on my top 10 that brings closure to the year.

The hard part is turning my back on those lingering half written reviews I meant to post.

I might have to squeeze in one or two before posting the survey results.